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Raise funds for the wildlife! Start your own fundraising to celebrate your birthday, or challenge your workmates to join by creating a team.

Let's create a better world for the wild animals!

This is how you raise funds:

1. Select a target

Choose a conservation project and create your own site for fundraising.

2. Share the news

Invite your friends to donate by sharing the link to your fundraising via social media and email.

3. See the results!

You’ll see the donations you collected on your site. Korkeasaari Zoo will steer the money to the conservation of species in their natural habitat, without deductions.

Active fundraisers

Island of Animals

Korkeasaari Zoo is a non-profit foundation that aims to conserve endangered species and biodiversity. When you visit the Zoo or participate in our fundraising campaigns, you help us create a better world for wild animals.

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